Master Dental Health Check-up

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  • Comprehensive Dental Examination and Treatment plan
  • Oral Hygiene Awareness Program
  • Brushing Technique Demonstration Videos
  • Flossing Demonstration with Video
  • Oral Prophylaxis {Cleaning and Polishing of Teeth}
  • Oral Hygiene Kit: Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste,
  • Mouthwash, Dental Floss, Oral Hygiene booklet
  • One Dental X-Ray {If indicated}


  • Consultation with Dental Surgeon

General Instructions

  • Reporting time 07:30 AM onwards.
  • For all packages having FBS and Lipid profile, it requires 12 hours of fasting with no tea / coffee in the morning before tests. Water can be taken.
  • For questions / appointments please contact:   +91 9845538719 / 9448564855
  • Consultation with reports on appointments.
  • If your reporting time is after 09:30am, your consultation with physician will be in the next morning (as lab reports may not be available before 04:00pm)