Couple Package

23,750 19,000/Day

This package is for the middle aged couple with a hectic lifestyle. You are on your toes every single minute of the day, managing hordes of responsibilities. Stress, work pressure, unhealthy eating habits and inactivity make you susceptible to diseases. So, try to keep a close vigil on your and your partner’s health's status.


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    • CBC
    • Blood Grouping & Rh Typing
    • Testing for Bombay Group in ‘O’ Group people
    • Peripheral Smear
    • Complete Urine Examination
    • Stool Routine Test,Ova & Cysts.
    • Pap smear (for women).
    • GTT
    • Creatinine
    • Urea and Uric acid
    • Serum Lipid Profile (Total cholesterol, HDLCholesterol, LDL cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol ,Triglycerides, Cardiac risk ratio)
    • Liver Function Test (Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, Indirect Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphate, SGOT, SGPT, Total Protein, Albumin,Globulin, ratio)
    • Serum Calcium & Phosphate
    • Serum Electrolytes
    • T3
    • T4 & TSH
    • PSA ( for men )
    • Glycosylated Haemoglobin ( HbA1C )
    • HIV
    • HbsAg
    • HCV
    • ECG (Resting)
    • Stress Test (TMT)
    • 2D ECHO
    • Radiography Chest
    • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen & Pelvis
    • C.T. Scan Brain
    • Pulmonary Function test
    • Visual Acuity
    • Eye Pressure


  • General physician Consultation
  • Cardiologist Consultation
  • Gynaecology Consultation
  • Ophthalmology Consultation
  • Dietician Consultation
  • On examining consultant’s recommendation.